Monday, September 8, 2014


is starting school!!  Tonight was an open house and we went to meet her teacher.  It was good and Sophia liked her but, as we were sitting there, I thought..."I can't let her go".  I remember feeling this way about my own children.  I was especially sad when my youngest started because I thought he was my last to have that "first day".
This will be good for our girl.  She needs the social skills, because she doesn't have a ton of time with kids her age except at church.
I was talking with her teacher, Miss Miller.  She told me that about a quarter of her class has children who were being raised by grandparents.  I thought this was neat for a couple of reasons.  1.  We can sympathize with each other 2.  We can learn from each other.
So...  she and I talked about maybe starting a support groups or something similar.  Should be helpful.

Am so sad to let this one go for 3.5 hours per day :(