Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10 things I want to remember about Sophia, at this age

1.  Her budding interest in Jesus.
2.  Her sweet, innocent curiosity.  She has a million questions, which most of the time, I love answering.
3.  Her always crazy, staticy hair that has a mind of it's own.
4.  Her delight in the simple things, like going to the dollar store, seeing her 'awesome uncle', and playing with play doh.
5.  Her joy in learning to cook.
6.  Her cheerful heart in 'helpin' with folding clothes and filling the dishwasher.  [Not so much in cleaning her room :)  ]
7.  Her love of learning.  [Goes along with number 2].  She knows her letters on sight and most numbers.  She's printing her name (still writes her S backward).
8.  Her asking, every day when her 4th birthday is.
9.  She's so cheerful and bright in the mornings; it's contagious.
10,  Her love of books.  (That's a family trait)
11.  Her smile...
| wasn't I supposed to stop at 10?|