Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grammy's New Years Resolutions

I never make resolutions.  If I do, I will more than likely disappoint myself with their failure.  What I would like to do this year is make some goals.  Very different.

1.  Grow closer to God.  More study of His word and more meaningful prayer time, not just a list to be checked off.

2.  Live in the moments --stop thinking about all the work that I have waiting for me, and enjoy the quiet times, or the fun times, or just the times, in general.

3.  GIVE more: of myself, of my resources & my time.  This may be hard for some people...but I could be stretched thinner.  Don't worry I know what I mean. 

4.  Accomplish my work goals:  blog more, film more, more creative.  Let's GO, already!

5.  Stop being such a selfish jerk.  Pause.  Listen, and empathise.  

6.  Be more active: not to lose weight but to feel good.   Make healthier choices.

7.  Have more self control with time, food, money (goes along with that selfish thing).

8.  Should be second on the list but LOVE others more.  Even the unlovable.  Someone loves me (especially).  I can do the same.

9.  Make others stick to boundaries.  My own family pushes me to give in when I shouldn't.  No more.  Loving others does not mean you're a doormat.

10.  Be wise with my words.

11.  Patience.  Period.

12.  No complaining.  Put a rubber band on it.  (for those of you who don't know how this works, you put a band around your wrist and when you catch yourself doing the deed, you snap it.  That'll learn ya!)

Ahhh the dirty dozen.  One per month. If I don't master one it will carry onto the next.

What are your goals?  Leave a comment below and share!