Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pulling my hair out!!

Am so glad that I have a place to vent.  I hope my readers are prepared; I will be very honest about my feelings.  And on the top of my list is frustration.

Sophia's been with us for her whole life.  She's always lived here, and we took over guardianship of her when she was about 7 months old.  How do I put this?  I've created a monster!

Sophia is 3 years old.  As you can imagine that comes with joys and lots of head scratching.  And today, frustration.

Somehow, she has me wrapped around her finger.  Probably because she's my grandchild and probably because of what she's been through with her parents, but for some reason...I have been lax when it comes to discipline.  And believe me, I pay for it.

With parenting my own children, I never had issues with discipline.  They toed the line and it was a tight ship, (this later led to rebellion, but that's another story).

Miss Sophia's daily life is all about her.  It's Sophia's world and everything happens to and for her.  Now, I understand that this mindset is considered normal and even predictable for a child of her age.  However, our little mistress thinks she runs the place.  She can and will try to talk me into anything to get her way or what she wants.

My head tells me I need to be firm, to set boundaries and limits, but I hate to hear her cry.  On the opposite end, I do believe in spanking when necessary, but it rarely happens.  Mostly, I just talk to her. I explain why what she did was wrong or dangerous, etc.  But then she'll try to hit, or yell at me or tell me to "Be nice!!"  Sometimes, it's a struggle not to laugh.  Sometimes, all I try to bargain with her:  if you pick up your toys, you can go outside*.  I'm trying to do the same things she does by talking her into doing what I want.  I need to break this cycle.

Any suggestions???