Sunday, July 13, 2014

Got Grammy?

I'm "Grammy" Rose to my granddaughters, Sophia and Karah.

After having three adult children, I was place back into the role of "mommy", when I began to raise Sophia.  You learn a new language while parenting:  diapers, formula, child safety, teething and potty training.  You ask questions like "Should I use cloth or disposable diapers?", "Where can I find the best child care?", or "Should I puree her food, or just buy jars?".  I've embraced this season in my life and discovered that raising a child in today's world is quite different from 25 years ago.

I am not the traditional grandmother, with cooking and canning skills.  My children will tell you they were raised on Manwich and Hamburger Helper.  I was a single, working parent.  Those meals were fast and affordable.  But I've learned that convenience isn't always worth it.  I've taken the foray into organic foods, gardening, and being a natural Grammy!  I'm learning to make homemade soap, create natural remedies and yes, even cooking and canning!

This blog will chronicle my journey.  I hope we'll laugh, I know we'll cry (I feel things deeply) and I hope you, my reader, will learn something as well, as we take this journey together. 

So welcome!  Join me!  It won't be boring...

Grammy Rose