Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sophie loves peek a boo.  Mostly she just peeks around corners, but today she actually covered her eyes and played.  It's apparently extremely hilarious.

She is eating a lot more and actually gaining weight, though at her last appointment, we were told she is still only in the 3rd percentile for her height and weight.  She had a double ear infection last Monday, but it seems to be clearing up quite a bit.  She has an appointment in May to see if she'd be a good candidate for tubes, in her ears.

I'm noticing a demanding little attitude, probably because I give into almost every demand.  She's very stubborn and doesn't seem to notice the word 'no'.  She really acts like she's two years old, trying to find her boundaries.  Maybe it's good to get it over with early.  It's tough, because she's really too young for time outs...