Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day One

Today was that day that we learned that we are to be guardians of our granddaughter, Sophia Rose.  No disrespect to her mother, my Daughter, but we are more that happy to care for her.  I won't say what brought us to this point, only that we are happy that she will be safe.  Sophia has been a gift to us, that we have always been grateful for.
Sophia was born last May 16th.  She was just over 6 lbs.  Quite a tiny baby, but right from the beginning, we knew she was something special.  She seemed to have the same little ways then, that she does now.
I'm writing this blog to remember all the little things she does, but also for her.  In my children's day, we had baby books to look at and remember.  Now we have digital blogs.  All the better, if you ask me. :)
Grammy & Sophia
Sophia is now crawling all over, and pulling herself up to stand near anything, tables, chairs, toys and even Grammy's legs.  Her big, blue eyes are always looking around and she is almost always wearing a smile.  She's a busy, happy baby.
Lately, she's been sick with a round of pneumonia, colds, flu, ear infections and even an intestinal issue.  She's coming out of all of it now, but I'm afraid she'll permanently dislike all medical staff   :)
So, that's where we are now.
On to the journey!