Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear Sophia...

Hello Precious One:
It's been a few days since we found out who you are.  I'm so excited to know you and to love you and to show you who Christ Jesus is.
Sophie, there are many things to learn and as you grow I will be here for you as best as I can.  I want to answer your questions; I want to show you how beautiful the golden leaves are in the fall.  I want to sing songs with you and run and laugh and dance with you.  But most of all my prayer for you always is for your salvation.  I pray that you will love Jesus and live your life for Him and none other.
Sophie, your Mommy loves you so much.  She's so looking forward to your birth.  Mom's very young, only 17.  But I know that she will be a wonderful Mother to you.  She's stronger than she thinks she is.  She will have many tough times ahead, as taking care of a little one will not be easy.  But I know she feels bless to have you and loves each little kick you are giving her. 
Sophie, your Daddy is young also.  But he loves you.  I know that he will want to protect you from all the bad things in the world. 
Sophie, be patient with your parents.  They've never been parents before and will likely make some mistakes.  I know that you're like me, you believe that love is the answer and can see us through all kinds of conflict and trouble.
Little One, as you are growing, I hope you just rest now enjoying the warmth and security that your Mommy brings to you.  She is doing everything she can to be certain that you will be as healthy as possible.
Grandma is so excited to see you.  Until then, I get to enjoy looking at your precious face.

I love you, Sophie.  Until the day I can hold you, rest well.